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SPREAD will construct the world’s first fully automated, large-scale Vegetable Factory

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SPREAD (Japan company) has begun construction of the world’s first large-scale Vegetable Factory (Plantfactory/Indoor farming) that is fully automated from seeding to harvest and capable of producing 30,000 heads of lettuce per day as the second phase for the business development of SPREAD’s vertical farm using artificial lighting called a Vege...

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Innovative Greenhouse project in Japan, tomato production of 50kg/m2 in a high-tech greenhouse

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Nowadays it is not a surprise to get a tomato production of 50kg/m2 in a high-tech greenhouse; however it was a remarkable record in Japan. Japan is still under development stage in high-tech greenhouse horticulture technology. Especially with traditional Japanese beef tomato known as pink tomato, production level of 50kg/m2 was never reached in pr...

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