Van der Hoeven and Hoogendoorn organize a successful study trip to France as follow-up on Summit

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 As a follow-up on the international Summit on horticulture technology, Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects and partner Hoogendoorn organized a study trip to France on 10 and 11 June, 2015. During this two day trip a select group of horticultural professionals participated in a study program organized at a few of France’s most innovative horticultural projects. With this trip both partners aim to stimulate knowledge exchange and international networking.

Van der Hoeven and Hoogendoorn organize a successful study trip to France as follow-up on Summit

On Tuesday 9 June, 2015 the first-ever international Summit on horticulture technology took place in Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre. The goal of this conference was to inspire delegates from the horticulture industry on future sustainable technology. As a follow-up Van der Hoeven and Hoogendoorn combined strengths and organized a study trip to France for special delegates. During this two day trip the latest technological developments have been demonstrated in practice at several state-of-the art greenhouses.

Knowledge exchange
The excursion has been set up by both parties to exchange knowledge with professionals on horticultural trends and developments. On 10 and 11 June guided tours were organized at several types of greenhouses, such as semi-closed and solar powered greenhouses, to educate invitees on the latest greenhouse techniques. All the high tech greenhouses that were visited were built by Van der Hoeven and automated by Hoogendoorn.

“The visits of the ModulAIR and Solar projects, the very interesting discussions with the participants, and the amazing program have made the trip extraordinary”, according to one of the growers.

International networking
The group of invitees, existing of 18 national and international horticultural professionals, all have been working in the industry for many years. This formed a strong basis to share experiences. This trip also enabled delegates to expand their international network.

The right mix of project visits, group composition, and all the good that the French coast has to offer, made the study trip a big success. The purpose of international networking and knowledge exchange has been more then achieved.

About Van der Hoeven
With over 60 employees, Van der Hoeven is a Dutch company who designs and builds turn-key horticultural projects worldwide. Always offering complete, custom made solutions for investors, modern growers and developers, allowing them to gain the maximum returns from their investment. Horticultural projects with IQ. Visit for additional information on products and services.

About Hoogendoorn
Hoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation systems in the horticultural industry. For almost 50 years, we have been striving towards the optimal greenhouse climate, increasing crop yields and managing costs and risks in greenhouse horticulture. For this, we deliver different kinds of process computers and labor management systems. Please visit for more info.

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