Dutch King and Queen visit Orchid Greenhouse CosMic Plants automated by Hoogendoorn

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The Dutch Royal couple is on route to Canada in support for the Netherlands agricultural trade mission that is sharing higher education and support. This mission includes industry leader matchmaking in order to encourage the transfer of knowledge regarding techniques for food, water, soil and urban planning.

Accompanying the King and Queen are the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Minister of Education, in order to further develop the research and training in the Canadian Horticulture industry.
Among their visits, the Royal couple will be visiting CosMic Plants, owned by two brothers of Dutch decent who have been growing Phalaenopsis Orchids for over 10 years.

Dutch King and Queen visit Orchid Greenhouse CosMic Plants automated by Hoogendoorn

We are proud that CosMic is working with hi-tech Dutch technology provided by Hoogendoorn. The iSii process computer has the finest capabilities to automate and control the orchids long growth cycle from start to finish.

The 80,000 square foot facility has the latest equipment supplied by Hoogendoorn, controlling PAR levels, screens, temperature, humidity, cooling and irrigation. With precise control and by participating in Hoogendoorn’s training, specifically for Phalaenopsis growers, Cosmic has been able to improve their growing techniques.

With this visit from the King and Queen, Hoogendoorn is honored to be invited to this high tea event as one of the leaders in the Horticulture industry. This mission has included industry leaders like Hoogendoorn to share their knowledge and technology in order to perfect adaptable automated solutions for growers in Canada.

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