Seraku developed Smart Vegetable Garden, using web applications, Android apps and cloud technology

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Smart Vegetable Garden is manufactured using web applications, Android apps, and Android embedded systems that have been developed by Seraku. They used knowledge accumulated during the development of Smart Washbasin to link various sensors and applications.

Smart Vegetable Garden cultivates plants using hydroponics and artificial lighting in a completely controlled environment. Internally, it is equipped with Android OS which enables it to measure environmental information, record growth status, and control the environment through Android apps.

Seraku developed Smart Vegetable Garden, using web applications, Android apps and cloud technology

There is an infrared touch panel and a transparent LCD in front of the Smart Vegetable Garden. Users can check environmental information and enter cultivation records while looking at the plants inside the machine.
The recorded data is stored in the cloud so the plant’s status can be checked on the go using a browser. Not only it is possible to check the data, but it is also possible to control the environment inside the factory.

Measurement of environmental information
Air temperature, water temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2 density, and RGB lighting can all be measured through various types of sensors that are installed within the plant factory. Measured values are shown in a graph on the screen and are stored in the cloud.

Cultivation record
Comments and pictures taken by the internal camera of the plant factory can be saved as a cultivation record. This information can even be posted on Facebook.

Environmental control
The internal environment factors of the plant factory, such as day length, light wavelength, water temperature (heater), and air flow, can all be controlled. These factors can be controlled not only through the screen in front of the unit, but also externally through a web browser.

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