International Conference on Plant Factory (ICPF) 2014, Japan Kyoto

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The International Conference on Plant Factory 2014 (ICPF 2014) will be held in 10-12 November 2014, Kyoto, JAPAN, sponsored by CIGR and Subcommittee on CIGR in Science Council of Japan.

International Conference on Plant Factory (ICPF) 2014, Japan Kyoto

Scientific and technical sessions consisting of plenary session, guest speech, oral presentation and the satellite conference at the Plant Factory Research Center in Osaka Prefecture University will take place during the Conference.
Planned social events include a dinner session, conference banquet and farewell party.

More information will be available on the ICPF 2014 website as well as in the 2nd announcement. We look forward to seeing you at the ICPF 2014. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information, see the web page for contact information.


The ICPL 2014 will address all the challenges of Bio-production in Plant Factory, which will be based on the following topics.

・ Environment Control for Plant Plant Factory
・ System Control in Bio-systems
・ Nursery-plant Production System
・ Bio-Production under Controlled Environment
・ Bioinformatics
・ Measurement Techniques in Bio-systems
・ Agricultural Robotics in Plant Factory
・ Hydroponics and Growth Promotion
・ Post-harvest Biology and Technology
・ Plant Water Relations
・ Environmental Stress Physiology
・ Micro-propagation and Plant Tissue Culture
・ Closed Ecological Life Support System
・ Plant Breeding and Biogenetics
・ Modeling & Its Application in Bio-systems etc


Guest Speakers and Presentation Titles

■ Prof. Wei Fang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
“OLED for plant production – a tentative trial”

■ Prof. Leo Marcelis (Wageningen UR, Netherlands)
“Optimizing light utilization in plant factories”

■ Prof. Jung Eek Son (Seoul National University, Korea)
“Light use efficiency and functionality in plant factory”

■ Dr. Raymond M. Wheeler (NASA, USA)
“NASA’s Controlled Environment Agriculture Testing for Space Habitats”

■ Prof. Qichang Yang (China Agricultural University, China)
“Plant Factory with Aritificial Light in China-Current Situation and Perspectives”

※ More Details Info: The International Conference on Plant Factory 2014

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