Artificial Plant Factory to prodece Japanese origin perilla used the Philips LED

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Toyama-city, Japan and Philips Electronics in Japan recently announced that the ” bovine Yue Yamada Onsen cultivated plant ” ( tentative name ) located in Toyama Yamada region and scheduled for completion on March 2014 used the Philips LED grow light named “Philips GreenPower LED Production Module”.
The plant factory is scheduled to start on April 2014, the goal is to use the cultivated area of about 800 square meters to production of about 200,000 perilla (Japanese origin) year.

Artificial Plant Factory to prodece Japanese origin perilla used the Philips LED

The project aims to take advantage of the hot springs and solar power and other renewable energy and use the LED grow light to build artificial plant factory aging, and carry out marketing business from the production ( Section an industry ) , processing ( secondary industry ) to circulation sales ( tertiary sector ) in an integrated manner, creating new local products.

Philips LED Grow Light with far-red LED chips. According to reports, the use of the LED grow light whose wavelength is most appropriate for plant growth contains infrared LED lighting, the harvest can reach more 2 times than that of Hf fluorescent lamps when consuming the same energy.

By accelerating the growth rate, planting time can be shortened,which can reduce power consumption by 55% as compared with the original fluorescent lamp.

Philips has a wealth of technical experience has a huge performance over the world, the company’s LED grow light also has excellent dustproof and waterproof performance, and ensure PPFD required by perilla cultivation ( photosynthetic photon flux density ), therefore, Toyama decided to use the LED grow light.

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